Bunny Bash

Are you fast enough to take back the pasture?

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How many bunnies can you bash in sixty seconds? Tap as fast as you can—but beware, as a mis-bash detracts from your final score!


Precision is key, but don’t take your time! The bunnies are coming faster and faster, and if you miss one or can’t keep up, it’s game over!


Who’s the fastest bunny-basher? Connect your Bluetooth-enabled iPhone or iPod Touch and see who’s faster in a bunny-bashin-frenzy!

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Online Leaderboards

Think you’re the fastest bunny basher in the world? Submit your high score to see how you measure up!

Available on the iPhone App Store

Buddy is the fastest bunny that ever lived. Stop him today!

But he made his last mistake when he decided to burrow in Farmer Jon’s pasture… Now Farmer Jon is looking for the fastest bunny-basher in the world to take care of Buddy. Are you quick enough to take back Farmer Jon’s pasture from Buddy?

Bunny Bash is now available for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. Get those fingers ready...

This fast paced reincarnation of an arcade classic is great for everyone—whether you have a spare minute to kill, or a long car ride ready for hours of competitive multiplayer via Bluetooth.

For gamers of all ages.