Use MediAn to record and analyze audio and/or video in the field or in the lab. With an easy-to-use, touch-based interface, capturing your data is as simple as point, shoot, and analyze. Record an event that you'd like to study (or import from your iPad, YouTube or Vimeo) and then mark recurring instances and timespans when certain actions occur. Add some notes and make changes and you're ready to export your data to an Excel-friendly format for further investigation and statistical reporting.

Plan and design your research directly in the app, or sign up for free access to the web-based editor to create and manage your research protocols from any computer. Refine upcoming research plans and import them seamlessly to your device. Now you can share between assistants and colleagues for easy access among teams.

Protocol Editor

Stuck on your research design? Tired of re-inventing the wheel? The web editor can also help you browse and import protocols that have been shared by other MediAn users. Feel free to import a protocol as-is, or use them as a starting point for your own custom designs.

Frequently Asked Questions